The 3 Effective Things To Do If You Want To Have A Connection With Your Teenager

When you start the chapter of your life building a family, there will be children that you would need to nurture and take care of. As a parent, there are times when we can’t accept the fact that our kids are all grown up. It is one of the reasons why teens tend to pull away. It is because they think that you cannot understand how they feel. During these years, losing the connection you used to have with your child drifts away. Here are the effective things that you can do to be able to connect with your teenager child.

1. One on one bonding

Don’t push your teen child to go out with you all the time. At this point, they are developing the phase whereas they have friends that they want to hang out with. What can be done is to make sure that there would still be a time in a week where the two of you can bond. You can go out for dinner or anything that can get the interest of your child.

2. Open up

Most parents don’t open up with their kids. It’s because they think adult issue are too much to handle even for teens. It’s wrong because closing out means you are not letting them in. It will be the more reason for them to keep silent even if they want to tell you something. If you share things with your teens, do not judge. Respect what they have to say.

3. Listen

Once a child reached the teen stage, opening up is not something easy for them. The best thing to do is be a friend to your child. Let them share their experiences and stories. One way or another, they will ask for your opinion once they are comfortable.

The first thing we need to do is accept the fact that they are no longer the babies you used to hold in your arms. You have to keep up, so they won’t drift away from you.